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Threatened with homelessness?

It is important that you contact the council as soon as possible if you think you may become homeless.

They can help people who are homeless or about to become homeless and who may be vulnerable. People who present themselves to the council as homeless are not necessarily entitled to be housed. Some homeless people qualify for emergency accommodation and re-housing. Others are given help and advice to find their own housing.

The first priority will be to prevent the threat of homelessness by assisting you to keep your current home. This assistance may include:

  • identifying benefits or financial assistance to help you to pay your rent
  • identifying whether the landlord has the right to take the property back. If your tenancy is an assured short hold tenancy and your landlord has taken a damage deposit from you but not used a tenancy deposit scheme to deal with it, he may be limited on the grounds he can use to try and end a tenancy
  • assisting you to apply to the court to try to have a possession order suspended (this will only be possible on certain tenancy types)

If you are not able to remain in your current home, the council will try to help you to move to other accommodation before a threat of homelessness arises. This may include identifying financial assistance to help you to pay rent in the private sector.

What will the council do?

Some options given to you can be quite complicated. You might want a confidential chat to one of our advisers about your situation and about how we might be able to help. We can:
  • provide a homelessness assessment as soon as possible
  • provide mediation with your family or landlord to resolve disputes
  • help to prevent or reverse illegal eviction
  • help to explore your options with your mortgage provider
  • help to try stop court possession action
  • help you to identify support you might get to find other accommodation in the private rented sector.

Emergency accommodation

We must make sure that housing advice and information is available to everyone, but even if you are homeless we will only be able to provide immediate accommodation in certain circumstances.

Please contact the Housing Advice Team for further information.

Last reviewed: 28/12/2017

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