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Travelling by Bus

Bus Services in North Lincolnshire

There are two main bus operators in North Lincolnshire that run regular routes:

You can find a full list of bus operators in North Lincolnshire here.

If you live in a rural area of North Lincolnshire you can make use of the CallConnect service. Designed to link you up to regular bus routes, CallConnect is a pre-bookable service that runs in four areas from 7am to 7pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 5pm on Saturday.

Fares and concessions

Both Hornsbys and Stagecoach offer a range of fares from single trip tickets to monthly passes which give unlimited travel across the wider region, including towns and cities such as Hull, Boston, Nottingham and Sheffield. 

For journeys on Stagecoach busses you now have the option to pay via an app on your smartphone, which means that you don't need find change and is useful if you are not near  a cashpoint.

Older residents of North Lincolnshire and residents with a qualifying disability are eligible for a bus pass. The pass is valid on all registered local bus services in North Lincolnshire and the rest of England. You can use your pass at any time of day in North Lincolnshire, however there are restrictions when travelling outside the county.

Planning your journey

In addition to bus operator's websites, you can use Traveline to plan a journey. The journey planner will provide you with information on routes and times for all travel in Great Britain by bus, rail, coach and ferry.

You can also collect information on bus routes in North Lincolnshire from Scunthorpe bus station, local links, post offices and from bus operators.

Last reviewed: 23/10/2017