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Do you need care and support services?

If you or someone you care for need social care and support services from North Lincolnshire Council there are some simple steps you need to take.

Tell us about yourself

The first thing you should do is complete an 'Initial Care Needs Assessment'. This is where you tell us about any conditions or disabilities you have which effect your wellbeing.

North Lincolnshire Council then assess this against the criteria set out in the Care Act 2014 to determine who can be provided with support services.

If at this time you do not meet the level of need set out in the guidance, we can still let you know about services you can employ privately to provide the support you are looking for.

If you do meet the criteria for receiving council arranged care, North Lincolnshire Council can create a package of care for you.

Paying for care

There is no charge for the initial care assessment, but Adult Social Care is not a free service. You may be able to receive financial support towards the cost of services you receive. The amount of help you are entitled to depends on your financial situation and is affected by your savings, investments, benefits and earnings.


If you have over £23,250 in capital or savings, you are not entitled to funding from the council and will have to pay the full amount of your care costs. This is called self-funding. You can choose to arrange your care services directly with your care provider and make sure your requirements are met how you want them to be. If you want help to arrange these services, the council can support you to do this.

Please note self-funders are still able to apply to the council's Deferred Payment Scheme.

Third Party Top-Up

If you choose a care home which charges a higher fee than the Council would normally agree to pay, then another person or organisation, other than yourself, will have to meet the difference. This is known as a 'third party top-up'.

However, please make sure if someone is agreeing to do this on your behalf, that the funds are available to meet this top-up for the forseeable future, otherwise your stay at that care home may be at risk if these additional payments are not maintained.

Nursing Care Costs

If you need nursing care, whether you are self-funding or council funded, the NHS will pay the additional cost. Your nursing care home can help you apply to the local NHS for this funding.

Last reviewed: 14/03/2018

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