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Funding your care

Long term care services provided by North Lincolnshire Council are not free and most people will have to pay something towards their care costs. 

If you have been assessed as having eligible social care needs, you may be able to receive help towards your care costs if you meet certain financial criteria.

If you have complex health needs or you need primary health care, rather than social care, you may be eligible for NHS funded care.

Am I eligible for financial assistance?

If you receive care services from North Lincolnshire Council you may be eligible for financial assistance towards the cost of these services.

Financial help is means tested and depends on your income, savings and investments.

If you have over £23,250 in savings and investments, you will have to self-fund the full cost of your care services. Savings under £14,250 will not be taken into account when calculating how much you need to pay towards your care.

You can try the quick calculator to see if you are likely to be eligible for financial assistance.

Do you take the value of my home into account?

We do not take the value of your home into consideration if:

  • You receive care services and still live in your own home
  • You are in short-term or temporary residential care and intend to go back to your main home
  • You enter residential care and have a dependent relative, such as a spouse, elderly relative or child under 18 who remains living in the home.

If you are entering residential care and have no dependents, then the value of your home may be included when determining whether you are eligible for financial assistance.

If you have more than one property, or hold land, the value of any property or land where you do not live will be included when determining your eligibility for financial assistance.

How do I apply for financial assistance?

You can apply online

You can also download an application form and return it to the address on the form, or call Financial Support on 01724 298071 and they will post you an application.

Last reviewed: 19/11/2018

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