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Mental Health

Back on Track - the North Lincolnshire self help guide

Most of us, at some time or another, face difficulties with work, money, health or housing. At such times, you can feel isolated, alone or helpless.

The Back on Track self help guide [PDF 1Mb] aims to show that help is available, and that the solutions are often surprisingly simple.

If you are going through a difficult time for any reason, we hope this guide will help you feel you can cope again. It shows that there are people out there who are experienced in providing help, support and advice, and there are many who have been in a similar situation before.

You could start just by taking steps to improve your health and fitness, so you’re in better shape to face any other issues. Once you’ve found someone to talk to about your problems, things may not seem so bad.

Person centred approach

Adopting a person centred approach is about you being in control of the support you need, making sure that services are more personalised to your specific needs and individual circumstances. You will be able to direct your own support and have complete control over the services you receive. You can ask for help to be able to do this.

Social workers and community nurses work together to provide mental health services. You can contact them on 01724 297000.

Further useful information can be found on the Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing page.  

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