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Do I qualify for a bus pass?

Bus passes are available for older North Lincolnshire residents or those with qualifying disabilities.

If you are unable to use public transport on your own because of a disability, you may apply for a companion to be added to your pass to help you on your journey.

Entitlement by age

If you are applying for a pass on the grounds of age you will require proof of the following:

  • Your date of birth - this can be a birth certificate, driving licence, passport or other document showing your birth date.
  • Your address - this must be an official letter addressed to yourself at your current address, for example a bank statement, a utility bill or a recent council tax bill.

You can check your eligibility on the North Lincolnshire Council website.

Entitlement by disability

If you have one of the following you will automatically qualify for a concessionary pass:

  • DLA (Disability Living Allowance) letter issued within the last 12 months showing high rate mobility
  • PIP (Personal Independence Payment) letter issued within the last 12 months showing at least eight points against either the 'Moving Around' and or 'Communicating Verbally' activities. The whole of the letter must be brought as proof in order that these can be seen.
  • WPMS - War Pensioner's Mobility Supplement
  • Blue Badge
  • Certificate of Registration from Adult Social Services - Ironstone Centre (showing blind or partially sighted, dual sensory loss, deaf without speech, learning disability)
  • Letter revoking Driving Licence - see Category G below

Concessionary passes issued on the above evidence will be issued for five years or until the period end date on the evidence provided.

We CANNOT accept the following types of evidence:

  • PIP award of mobility component with only four points against the 'Moving Around' activity
  • DLA Mobility component at the lower rate
  • DLA Daily Living only component at any level
  • Letter which lists medical conditions
  • Letter which says your mobility is affected by a medical condition
  • Letter which says you would benefit from having a bus pass
  • Letter which asks for you to be considered for a bus pass because you need one

There are seven types of disability that are recognised by the scheme and you must fit into one of them to qualify for a concessionary pass. See the 'eligibility page' for full details. Your disability must be either permanent or likely to last at least 12 months.

Companion's element

A companion element can be added to a disabled persons pass if you are unable to use public transport on your own at any time.

The disabled person’s pass will show a '+C' symbol in the top right hand corner. The companion may travel free on local buses within North Lincolnshire and journeys which start in North Lincolnshire and end elsewhere. The companion may also travel back free from places in North East Lincolnshire, Hull, the East Riding of Yorkshire and South Yorkshire. They are NOT able to travel back free from Lincolnshire.

Companions may buy half fare return tickets for local rail journeys or single tickets at one-third off.

We do not provide a companion’s entitlement for disabled children under 12 years of age.

How can I apply to have a companion entitlement added to my pass?

You are automatically eligible for the companion element if:

  • your Disability Living Allowance letter shows you are eligible for high rate mobility and high rate care or high rate care only, or,
  • your Personal Independence Payment letter shows that you are eligible for enhanced mobility and enhanced daily living or enhanced daily living only.

Take your letter into Shopmobility or to your nearest Local Link and it can be requested. You are also automatically eligible for the companion element if you are registered as being blind or having dual sensory loss.

If you don't automatically qualify for the companion element then you will need a letter from your consultant or specialist stating that you require, at all times, when using public transport physical assistance onto or off the bus, or you need assistance at all times when managing the journey while using public transport. If you require any further information then you can call us on 01724 297460. A letter from your consultant or specialist will be needed for future renewals, unless the consultant or specialist states that you are unlikely to recover from your disability.

Last reviewed: 19/10/2017

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