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Hospital Social Work Team

What do the Hospital Social Work Team do?

The Hospital Social Work Team provides services for vulnerable people in Scunthorpe and Goole Hospitals. This includes supporting a timely and safe discharge from hospital.

The team also supports discharge arrangements from outlying hospitals in Grimsby, Hull, Lincoln and Doncaster.

The Hospital Social Work Team:

  • helps arrange timely and safe discharges from hospital;
  • provides social work support seven days a week;
  • arranges initial assessments for those who are not known to social services;
  • reviews assessments for those already known to social services;
  • arranges temporary support or restart support services where needed;
  • ensures that discharge from hospital is safe to take place;
  • challenges inappropriate discharge from hospital;
  • screens for continuing health care;
  • provides advice and information to help you to have choiceand control over your own life.

Promoting wellbeing

We work in partnership with a wide range of community, voluntary, statutory and public sector agencies to maximise the health and wellbeing of the people we support in the hospital.

We encourage people who are isolated in their communities to join community activities by providing them with information, contact details and introductions.

Preventing, reducing or delaying needs

We will help you find services in your locality and wider area to prevent, reduce or delay support needs.

We work in partnership with our health colleagues to provide information and assessment in the Accident and Emergency department to prevent hospital admissions.

We provide information and advice to carers and the wider family network to enable them to provide physical and emotional support longer.

Information and Advice

We provide information, advice and services to empower vulnerable people and their carers to manage their lives, make their own decisions and plan their future.

We support people and their carers to refer to other agencies of their choice once they have been given the information.

Assessment and eligibility

We can offer advice and information on public care and whether you are eligible for support.

We will provide an initial assessment where necessary. This will identify the levels of need you may have.

Information will be gathered from health professionals, informal carers or any existing case worker as part of this assessment. This ensures a seamless transfer to your home and ongoing arrangements.

The aim of the assessment is to enable you to identify your own needs and goals and then plan how these will be accessed.

Independent Advocacy

We can provide information about the role of an independent advocate. It is important for everyone to be involved and have their say in decisions about their lives, including their care and support. An advocate can help you to get your views heard if you have difficulty doing this without support.

Care and support planning

We will work with you to meet your individual needs. We will ensure that any risks are managed and reduced where possible.

We ensure that everyone involved in support (formal and informal carers, family and relevant others) is consulted and involved in decision making. We will provide you with a clear support plan. This will identify needs, goals and outcomes to enable a safe hospital discharge.


We support vulnerable people to feel safe and be safe:

  • in their own homes
  • in the local community in which they live
  • in hospital

We have a duty of care to protect vulnerable adults. We support people to share their experience of abuse to enable them to take control of their lives and to keep them safe.

We are vigilant at the hospital to recognise, record, and report poor care which can lead to neglect.

We work with our partners to raise the standards of care in the hospital and improve the patient's journey.

Last reviewed: 10/08/2018

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Contact Details

03033 302490

Hospital Social Work Team
Scunthorpe General Hospital
Cliff Gardens
DN15 7BH

Opening Hours

8am to 8pm (including weekends and bank holidays)