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Managing your care budget

If you are eligible for a Personal Budget you can receive and manage it in four ways:

  • Direct Payment (previously known as Cash Personal Budget)
  • Delegated Direct Payment
  • Council Managed Personal Budget

Direct Payments

With a Direct Payment, you receive and manage the money for your support needs yourself. This will usually be paid to you on a council pre-paid card, which you can use to buy the support services you want (subject to some rules). Managing your Personal Budget for yourself is the most personalised option as it allows you the greatest choice and control over the support you buy.

If you have your Direct Payment on a pre-paid card, you will also pay your own contribution onto the card.

If the Personal Budget is to be managed by a delegated person or organisation they can hold the pre-paid card for you.

As we are giving you public money you will need to keep records of what you spend on your support. For example, receipts, invoices, and copies of documents relating to any staff you employ. We will ask to see these as evidence that the money is being appropriately spent on your needs.

As well as a review of your support needs we will audit your account. If there is any money that is unspent or has been spent on things that are not in your support plan we will recover that amount from the card.

There are rules about what you cannot spend your Personal Budget money on. This includes long term residential care, nursing care or medicines or anything normally provided by the NHS, utility bills, accommodation, alcohol, tobacco or general food costs, gambling or paying of debts or anything illegal.

Delegated Direct Payment

You can choose to let another person or organisation run your Personal Budget (you delegate the responsibility). You can then work out with their support the best way of using your money to meet your needs.

Council managed Personal Budget

If none of the options above are appropriate we will arrange and manage your support for you. This option allows you less choice and control over your support.

Last reviewed: 19/10/2017