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What are benefits?

Benefits are a means of financial help you can claim from the government. They give people support in order to live their lives, or to help them while they find work. In Britain, benefits are the third-largest government expenditure, set to cost £114.4 billion by 2018, second only to Healthcare (£146.8 bn) and Pensions (£160.5 bn).

It is very important you claim the benefits you’re entitled to – they exist to help you. The Government website provides advice to help you see if you can claim. You’ll need to contact your local Job Centre Plus to claim any benefits.

There are also calculators the Government recommends to help you with your claim:

There are many types of benefits, and you can read more about them in detail on Welfare Rights, or on the Government website. There are common types of benefits, such as:

  • Universal Credit, Child Benefit, Guardian's Allowance, Attendance Allowance, Personal Independence Payment (PIP), Carer's Allowance, Council Tax Reduction

What support services are available?

The Adult Information Hub has a support directory with a wide range of services, available both nationally and within the local area.

Crosby Community Association offer free welfare benefits advice. You can book an appointment on 01724 330 022.

The Citizen Advice Bureau based at Scunthorpe Central have a drop in facility to assist with Universal Credit applications and managing your online account. Simply 

Benefits for carers

Currently, 6.5 million people, or 1 in ten of the British population are carers. You’re a carer if you are providing support and assistance to a family member or friend, who has a disability, an illness, a long-term health condition, a mental-health condition, or misuses drugs or alcohol. There are some benefits you may be able to claim:

  • Council Tax Reduction, Carer's Allowance, Universal Credit, Disability Premiums, Pension Credit

If you’re currently receiving care from a family member or friend, you may also be eligible for welfare benefits:

  • Attendance Allowance, Personal Independence Payment (PIP), Universal Credit, Disability Premiums

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