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Respite Care

What is respite care?

Respite care is a temporary arrangement to allow the main carer of someone to have time off for whatever reason. If you’re looking after someone, occasional breaks are absolutely essential to your wellbeing and health. Carers often use respite care to take a holiday or a break, or if they are ill and need time off. Respite care can include:

  • Residential or nursing care, where the person you are caring for goes for a short stay in a residential or nursing home

  • Day-sitting services, where someone comes to your home to care for the person you look after during the day

  • Night-sitting services, where someone comes to your home to care for the person you look after during the night, allowing you a good, restful sleep

  • Daycare, where the person you’re looking after goes to a day centre, or takes part in activities away from home

  • Holidays by yourself, or with the person you care for

How can I access respite care?

You will need to complete a carer’s needs assessment in order to help us to consider what type of help you need, and decide which care services we can provide to help you with.

There are two types of care home; residential care can provide short-term or long-term care, and includes accommodation, meals, and personal care. Nursing homes have registered, trained nurses on-site, who can provide help with more complex health needs.

You can also call the Family Carer Team on 01724 298 393, or email them at for further information. Alternatively, if you want to find local services for carers, or if you have queries about your finances, benefits, working situation, or require practical advice, you can call the NHS helpline on 0808 802 02 02, or visit

A list of all registered care homes can also be found on the Care Quality Commission website. Further help on choosing the right home can also be found on the NHS website.

Last reviewed: 25/09/2017

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