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What do we do?

Home First Community provide time limited, short term, rehabilitation and reablement support to people (adults aged 18 years and over), across North Lincolnshire, to enable them to continue to live independently and lead a fulfilling life in their own home, or place of their choice.

We strive to offer a flexible, efficient and professional service, which is tailored to meet your individual needs. We value the diversity of the people we support and will treat you with respect and remain sensitive to your individual needs and abilities, promoting your independence and personal dignity throughout your rehabilitation and reablement service.

We provide rehabilitation and reablement support to improve mobility, meet social care needs and help with daily living activities and practical skills. We will work to develop your confidence, strength and skills to carry out these activities independently to enable you to continue to live confidently at home.

We work in partnership with other social care and health professionals to prevent avoidable admission to hospital and facilitate appropriate early discharge.

Home First Community provides a service that:

  • Enables people to recognise and reach their full potential
  • Gives people the confidence to remain at home
  • Enables people to feel and be safe
  • Maximises good health and wellbeing

Working with you

We will work in partnership with you, and your family and circle of support, to explore ways of improving your independence; this might mean doing some daily tasks differently or using equipment to support you to carry out daily living tasks. Together we will create a support plan that is designed to enhance your independence, helping you to remain living in your own home.
At our first visit with you we will provide you with information about our short term service, including a welcome guide and a folder which will contain information about you. This includes your assessment and key information for example your next of kin and GP.

We will ask you what your daily routine was like before you became unwell or injured and we will work to help you get back to your optimum level of independence. Together we will develop a Daily Programme of Care which details how you wish your support to be delivered daily and how we will carry this out together.

We monitor your progress with you. We will do this by discussing progress on a daily basis and holding review meetings with you and your family or circle of support. Any changes identified will be made to your Daily Programme of Care as required. As you achieve the goals set out we will review the amount of support you need and make adjustments accordingly.

If you are identified as requiring longer term support we will work with you to see how these needs can be appropriately met. You may be eligible for a personal budget from Adult Services. A personal budget is the amount of social care money that is available from us to pay for your support.

Home First Community cannot provide ongoing services once you have reached your optimum independence as we need to be able to support others to reach their potential. However, you and your family will be fully involved in how you’re on going support needs will be met.

Individual support plan

This is a folder where all your personal information is kept together, your support plan and risk assessments for example. Also included in this folder are lots of useful information leaflets.

Daily programme of care

Together we will identify your needs and areas of risk. We will decide together how we can support you to meet your needs and manage any risks. Your Daily Programme of Care will provide information on your chosen routine of care. This document is continuously reviewed because needs change, sometimes on a daily basis, and we have to respond to these changes to make sure that we’re delivering the right care.

We will actively include your wishes and preferences when developing your Daily Programme of Care. We will consult with you when making changes, to ensure that you are fully satisfied with the care you are receiving.

Copies of these documents will be kept in your home – they are your records. We will refer to and write on these documents each time we visit you and you can look at them at any time. We also recognise the value of involving your family and circle of support in your Daily Programme of Care, and we will always (with your permission) invite them to support you.

Last reviewed: 07/11/2018

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